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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:27pm CDT

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phones. there was heroin and cocaine and a handgun. a department of just sis agent believes the possession of weapons, narcotics and cell phones may be indicative. >> the case is currently in the hands of the district attorney. tonight at 10:00, what sylville smith's brother says he wants moving forward. charles and shannon. >> charles: also now at 6:00, ripped couple is out $11,000 in the case of a contractor fraud. that contractor agreed to do home improvement work and instead took the money and ran. >> that man arrested and charged. police think more victims, however, may be out there. rikki mitchell live at the waukesha police department with this story. >> reporter: well, right now, waukesha police say they know of at least three victims who hired this man for contracting work. and they say that each of them
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probably worth $100. >> they signed a contract and he says he agreed to pay $11,400 in two separate payments. >> after the $6200 second payment, i never saw him again. >> waukesha police say that man is thomas crivitz who lives in greenfield. police say they learned crivitz has recently spent while gambling. >> it is a large amount of money, there is no way that he could be making that money legitimately. we believe that is from other victims, as well. >> i should have caught it a lot sooner. the guy was just making things up as he went along. >> hun says he checked references and even looked up thomas crivitz's company with the better business bureau. he doesn't think he'll get any of his money back. he hopes police will be able to
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somebody else to finish this job before winter, hopefully. >> reporter: and crivitz now faces a felony theft by contractor charge. his business is called t.k. improvements. it does currently have a b-plus rating on that web site. is he expected to appear in court later this month. if anybody thinks they may be a victim of his company, they are asked to ca w >> thank you. new information in a stabbing in cudahy that left a 26-year-old man seriously injured over the weekend. a criminal complaint reveals the suspect in this case, a 53-year-old woman admitted to the crime telling police she stabbed the man because she was angry. the victim remains hospitalized. the attorney for one of two waukesha girls accused in the slender man stabbing case wants his client's confession thrown out.
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treated for schizophrenic when she talked about the stabbing two years ago. he came forward with information that led to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the murder of little laylah petersen. >> now he gets the reward in downtown milwaukee. with this story. ben? >> reporter: that man is $25,000 richer, he said this has nothing to do with the money, rather, just doing the right thing. a big pay day comes for antoine buchanan, but what he calls something far more important, peace of mind. >> it is not about snitching, it is about drawing a line. >> she was shot while sitting on her grandfather's lap while sitting inside his home after shooters targeted the wrong house. >> it has taken a toll on me, not only the acting itself, but i actually saw the picture of the little girl, you know, and to see a child, a 5-year-old
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f out offente for embezzli fromis campaign ilwauk examiner says it appears?/ decion 2016 coverage now, here's a live pic thomas and mac cten the campus. th@ o final debate between hillarylinton andd lcetrumpom s believe, to make ground u tp clinton to continues to lead in the polls. the latest pollhows hillary clinton with a 9-point lead or donald trump in a four-way race. the bloomberg political poll has clinton with the support of 47% of those sued. trump with38%, libertarian gary
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titquhim, claims that have notnee substantiated. re, stion,, coverage begin 8:. a olive
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you're watching today's tmj4, with charles benson, shannon sims, "storm team 4" chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan, sports. you're going to like this. the days are numbered for the so-called zipper merge on eastbound i-94 at the zoo interchange where cars are forced to merge from three lanes to two. the d.o.t. hopes to open the
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zipper merge by thanksgiving. state street through the heart of wauwatosa is completely shut down and won't reopen for weeks. >> at pete zervakis explains, it is welcome news for neighbors and businesses. >> regular visitors to the tosa village say the last several months have been long and loud. when construction started here, back in may, state street was open nights and weekends. it's now shut down around the clock to help crews more quickly according to the city administrator, the primary purpose of the repairs was to replace storm sewers and water mains more than 100 years old. >> the vast majority of this project really is for infrastructure purposes. >> state street will remain shut down for at least three weeks as the construction wraps up. those who frequent the village admit the improvements were needed, but they call them a major inconvenience. >> wauwatosa is traditionally
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community. and so now you can't really walk anywhere. >> i think it has deterred a lot of people coming into tosa. >> that's meant a rough several months for businesses. they, like their customers, are now looking forward to seeing the repairs finished. >> the bulk of this construction should be finished in about a month, leaving just land and street scaping. in wauwatosa, pete zervakis, today's tmj4. >> pete, thanks. thousands of job openings were available at milwaukee career the event was held to help employers, many of whom are having a hard time filing and filling open positions. >> the unemployment rate is down right now, as we are hearing, there's a lot more competition to get the job seekers that have the skills that the employers are looking for. >> the first 30 minutes of the expo was open exclusively to veterans. the general public was admitted afterwards. john malan will have some
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next. >> first, incredible scenes after natural gas leak trigger janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more?
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check this out.
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earthquake. the natural gas leak triggered a powerful explosion in portland, oregon. it happened at a popular shopping district. eight people injured, including three firefighters. our coverage of decision 2016 continues. republican senator ron johnson takes aim at russ feingold in a new campaign ad. >> looking at feingold's record on the second amendment. >> in the ad, former senator would do so again. the milwaukee journal sentinal look at feingold's 18-year record in the senate to check that claim. >> there is some truth. there are three supreme court justices...who voted in dissent on a matter that dealt with the second amendment and extending those -- recognize those rights for individuals, that was only part of the story.
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record, he also voted for supreme court justice, chief justice john be roberts, who supported that measure, and voted for others, diane sykes among them, who also issued very prominent pro gun, pro second amendment rulings. >> minegold stated he supports an individual's right to own a gun. while johnson' statement contained some element of truth, politifact wisconsin found it ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. >> when we put it all together, we false. >> and you can find all of our politifact stories posted on our web site along with links to the milwaukee journal sentinal's extensive politifact coverage. storm team 4, you're looking at the aftermath of a huge amount of rain that fell on michigan's upper peninsula, several people had to be rescued from their homes, floodwaters taking a toll on the roads in that region, as you can see, as well. the weather around here could not have been more perfect. it is definitely fall.
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>> john: that is the weather word. we are going to start seeing those temperatures drop, although not crazy drop. our average high is 58? with a morning low of 42. today we hit 69 between hours, well above the normal. and 52 well above the normal low temperature. our high temperatures range from 68 in madison, 69 milwaukee, 71 chicago, 67 green bay. to 51 in superior, and 56 in the twin direction our air is coming from. in waukesha, right now, you see a couple little breaks in that cloud cover we've seen off and on through the day. 61? still in waukesha, dew point down to 45. the air is dry and the winds are calm, they'll stay relatively calm all night. temperatures 61 right now in milwaukee, racine, also port washington, west bend, fond du lac, 60. beaver dam, watertown, and also in whitewater and lake geneva. overnight low temperatures drop into the low 40s to 43 in
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44 fond du lac, 45 west bend, and sheboygan. we're at 48, 48 in racine, 47 port washington and kenosha. satellite shows a little bit of cloud cover off and on throughout the day, you do get a couple little breaks in that overcast. a couple of sprinkles trying to develop. there's a front rolling at us. there's a little lift in the atmosphere, but not much. you see the clouds extending back to the western part of the state, along with this front, which is rolling through. by the morning hours, it pushes into south again, if we get anything, maybe a sprinkle, that would be about it. the cool dry air settles in tomorrow night. friday morning we could see pretty good frost around the area, and then sunshine for friday, and cool temperatures continuing on into the early part of the weekend. mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight, an isolated shower, or sprinkle, just a small chance that it would be brief and light. light north winds, and 48. for tomorrow, partly cloudy,
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56?, your high temperature on the strong north wind, and then right on into friday, the coldest day of the week, partly cloudy skies, and 52. here's your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, right into the weekend, 58?, right at our seasonal normal. with partly cloudy to sunny skies, more of the same sunday, we warm to 65 degrees, and then into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, temperatures hold right around 60 with rain returning middle of next week. >> so if you're going out for the game thursday, be prepared for... >> john: it will be cool without a doubt. we're not looking at rain, perfect football weather, temperatures in the 50s, low 50s to start the game, dropping into the 40s. >> football weather. >> perfect. >> can you predict the wind? >> light. >> the wind... >> my brain goes right to weather.
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really created some momentum, heading into the playoffs. find out why they are our team of the week. and as we go to break,
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. menomonee falls had to win the last two games of the regular season to keep playoffs hopes alive. in the final game they pulled of here's our elise menaker with the team of the week. >> reporter: playoffs may start friday, but for menomonee falls it's been do-or-die. in order to live to play another week, they had to beat brookfield central. and they did, handing them their only loss of the season. >> i was so depressed a couple weeks ago, we had to fight hard to get in. i'm just ready to go. >> we are fighting for our lives today. we had to give everything, we
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week. >> on a night when they could have felt all the pressure, senior night, homecoming, and a must-win game, the indians played their best game of the season. >> no one expected us to win. and we were able to pull it out. >> brooks central is a physical team, and we tried to play physical with them. >> we got to keep going one step at a time. because, it's our >> friday they play another do-or-die game against another undefeated team in menasha. but still feel no pressure. >> if we lose, that could be the end of our season. >> our confidence is so high. i can feel it around the entire program. kids know they can do it now, that's a big thing to have. >> i want to congratulate menomonee falls indians football team, you are this week's
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>>. [cheers and applause] >> congrats. the packers will be missing key players when they lays up against the chicago bears. eddie lacy is out with an ankle injury, he will not play against the bear that means knile davis will get the runningback there. also, rollins, cook, jared... >> they will now play either the dodgers or the cubs in the world series. what a magical reason for them, and the bucks will wrap up
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. high school students
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coming up on the now: milwaukee. >> hey there, charles and shannon. challenged to make an impact on first responders, they stepped up in a big way. we'll tell you what these students are doing that has the opportunity in awe. that's coming up next on the now: milwaukee. and reminder, packers programming up next on channel 4. find the now: milwaukee on facebook live. >> all right. still predicting a win. >> without >> i do predict a win by the packers against the chicago bears. and the weather will be absolutely spectacular football weather up there in -- up der in green bay. but, for us, not bad tonight.
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with the straight scoop on t paheers from the mho knows them best, it's the mike mccarthy show with larry mccarren and the coach of the green bay packers, mike mccarthy. ( music ). >> hello and welcome to the mike mccarthy show where we're already at the tail end of bear week and, mike, the bears are 1-5 but in the nfl, bad records don't necessarily mean a bad team. >> well, no doubt about it. it's very important. we talk about it all the time. you have to stay locked on the video. so just watching them particularly last three weeks, they've done a lot of nice things. their offense is moving the ball very well, actually very efficient moving the football. they've had some hiccups in the


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